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Mar-12-10, 12:41 PM (EDT)
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"RSS oddity"
   i just noticed that, on the RSS feed, at least in google reader, the html code comes through as straight text... that is, the latest item appears as:

It's the conclusion (but not quite the end) of <a href="http://www.eyrie-productions.com/UF/EX/SC/";><i>Star-Crossed</i></a>! Tali's got the fleet moving. Will they arrive in time - and who'll be waiting for them when they arrive? The chronicle of Goodyear reaches its end in Part IX, <a href="http://www.eyrie-productions.com/UF/EX/SC/sc09.txt";><i>Defeat Never Permanent</i></a>. As always, <a href="http://www.eyrie-productions.com/UF/EX/SC/AUDIO/sc09.mp3";>MP3 is here</a> too. <i>2010-03-12</i>

but without any actual links... just thought you should know

-Z enjoying the new stories immensely since monday!

Remember kids: guns make you stupid, duct tape makes you smart.

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