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7. "Inspired by a re-read..."
In response to message #0
   So going through my semi annual rereading of this end of UF and all, and coming back to what is probably one of my favorite stories in it. (And actually the first bit of UF I read. Yes, I was very confused.)

I was struck by the realization that I had the power to mock up Old Exterminator in the supremely fun time waster Gundam Breaker 3
Imgur Album for it.

The kit in question is just the standard MG Zaku 2.0 painted based on the shot in the imagery section, a few little tweaks with the damage, chip and dirt sliders and finished with the Crossbone Gundam X1's Anti Beam Cloak so now you all too can see just how silly a Zaku looks like a cape. Not pictured because it was too big a hassle to get a shot of it is that it has a ZZ Gundam Mega Particle Cannon shrunk down and clipped in behind the "eye" so it can in fact Getter Beam.

Think I did a decent job, minus the fact it won't let me color the boot tongue of the foot over the ankle joint, and hey, the Safety Warning stickers are all the right color, at least.
I wanted there to be a nice arms crossed pose like how Corwin does when he surprises Domon, but that creates a real clipping mess with all the crap on the shoulders.

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