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Star Ranger4
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Mar-04-10, 03:56 PM (EDT)
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"Going Rogue"
   Rouge? one of those two.


While I understand that your current finances are such that your not playing CoX G, have you been keeping up with the state of the rat as far as new issues?

The reason it happens to come to my mind is its always been established that 'General' Rossum is a villain only because circumstances conspired against her. Under Going Rogue its possible for 'bad' people to redeem themselves just as good folk will go bad...

When you have the funds to return to the game, would this revive your interest in playing Jen the MM, with intent to redeem her? I seem to recall you'd moved her off of your prime playing server (Virtue, I think) to free up space...

just things that make one go hmmm.

Of COURSE you wernt
expecting it!
No One expects the

RCW# 86

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