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Dec-18-15, 05:58 PM (EDT)
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4. "RE: time for tea?"
In response to message #3
   >the sort of thing that Valles City of Heroes tank used to do (and pull
>off) with such regularity it prompted his(her?) sig Quote:
>"V, did you do something foolish?
> Yes, and it was GLORIOUS"

In order...

- Sachie was a brute. Her success in the ridiculous-odds field had more to do with how much AOE pain she slung out than it did with her durability.
- The incident that provoked my previous sig quote involved charging that big mass of Romans between the giant robots in the Imperious(?) Task Force and then having my buffs run out mid-fight, leading to Critical Existence Failure. But I'd been winning until that happened.
- V-The-Player is male.


The most wonderful thing about BBs
Is BBs are wonderful things
Their sides are made out of iron
Their guns are made out of pain
They're crashy smashy bashy flashy fun-fun-fun-fun-fun
But the most wonderful thing about BBs
Is there is more than one
The~re is more than one!

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