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"TLOKb5 Epilogue: A New Galactic Age"
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-05-15 AT 05:04 AM (EST)
Notes by Phil
Notes by Gryphon
Notes by Matt

Aye-Aye - This is indeed the same Aye-Aye spirit who managed the Spirit Wilds Oasis way back in the era of the Lion Turtles, and befriended Wan (the first Avatar) in Beginnings, ten thousand years ago. Spirits are effectively immortal within the Spirit World, it's when they start interacting with humans and dwelling in the material world that the risk of death becomes pronounced.

awww, he's cute - Korra's opinion might be slightly different if that was one of the big versions of that same spirit, which can occur in varying sizes up to 50 yards in length. At the very least she wouldn't want one of those perching on her head.

But, she could ride them, then!

Well, all right, I'll grant you that, although it was really Aang who was obsessed with riding everything. :)

Hai-Riyo Peak - A notable location in the Spirit World, this is the nesting place of the great Dragon-Bird spirits, several of which are friends to Korra.

the Tree of Time - The Tree of Time is not Yggdrasil, though it's an easy mistake to make.

the presence - And now you know why Belldandy recognized Korra, but not the other way around.

Hayaku - Hayaku is one of the second-generation colonies formed in the wake of the invasion of the Fleet of Fog and the Second Human Diaspora.

Its name follows a pattern that a good many of the second-wave colonies conform to, since they were all founded by people who were in a desperate rush to escape Earth under the domination of the Fog. Other Second Diaspora colonies include Schnell, Davai, Yallah, Muévete, and - this one often comes up in pub trivia contests - Try Putting Your Foot Down, Tony, They're Really Getting Rather Close.

Dejima Station - Named after the artificial island built in the bay of Nagasaki during the Edo period, Dejima Station served as the single place for direct trade and exchange between Zipang and the rest of the galaxy during the Exile. While perhaps not as strict as the original historical trade city, it still possesses a rather stringent screening policy for anybody wanting to go down to the planet proper (either to visit or to immigrate). Most visitors who come to perform trade are encouraged to do so on the station, and its cargo handling and passenger facilities are particularly top-notch. Several interstellar hotel chains have at least one franchise on the station proper.

government samurai - For the Zipangi, "samurai" is a gender-neutral term, even though "onna-bugeisha" would be the more proper term.

the universe 'stopped' - It says something for Minister Hayashi's unflappability that the idea that the universe could have halted doesn't warrant a panicked or disbelieving response.

dealing with the unagi - "Nobody likes the unagi but me," Korra grumbled to herself.

Fire Nation community center - Whenever she enters, Korra expects there to be a swimming pool and some Kuai-ball courts inside.

Flight Director Hiranuma Utamuro - Flight Director Hiranuma is essentially a Zipang version of Gene Kranz. His wife has sewn him a new haori jacket for an anniversary gift each year.

like carbon scoring, but the scale of it - To the uninitiated, the attack of Ancalagon the Black, greatest of the Dragons of Muspelheim, would be mistaken for a particularly nasty fireball/plasma beam attack... but they wouldn't be able to account for the claw marks.

Captain Inazuma's racked out - Oh, so close. Now Korra will have to wait another 19 years to find out what became of Azula.

Department of Spirits - One wonders whether visitors from out of town get the wrong idea from an agency called the Department of Spirits whose officers drive around the city in big tanker trucks.

White Lotus intern - This is indeed Master Cheong, 20 years before The Diqiu Suite. He was admitted to the White Lotus on the strength of his multimedia and PR skills, but I don't think he expected to be assigned projector duty as a part of his job description...

galactic drop in the mean temperatures of inhabited worlds - In other words, the Fimbulvetr.

radiate in the visual spectrum - This is, I believe, the first time we've had Enigma X-21 visually described in text, other than it being a black hole.

sort of looks like the Spirit Portals - Oh, so close, Korra!

prevent wide-scale panic - It says something about Colonel Takuma's cultural background that "or possibly they just figure nobody would believe it" doesn't cross her mind as a possible reason for the hush-hush.

sculptor - Phil wanted to show that the WL still valued artists and thinkers among their Masters, and not just the more martial or administrative types in the modern era. While casting about for Tenneq's role, I made the suggestion of sculpture, and it stuck. After all, they wouldn't make him a Master Lotus just for being a reactionary ponce.

Structures within them got shaken up - We had a quick scene where Korra dealt with Wan Shi Tong's complaints about what the disruption did to his library's filing system, but it didn't really fit the flow of the story, so it didn't make it in.

Korra did complaine to G in AiNA/And So They Met that she had to placate Wan Shi Tong in the aftermath of the Ragnarök, but I think she may have been sugarcoating it a little.

It's about time you stopped by. I trust you have a good explanation for all this?

Ha, at the moment, I don't even have a BAD explanation for it.

That is completely unacceptable -

Was anyone hurt?


Has any of the Library's knowledge been lost?

Well, no, but the mess -

Then bother someone else. I've got much higher priorities right now than feeling sorry for you because you and the foxes had to reshelve some stuff. If you wanted to be HELPFUL, you could apply a little of your all-seeingness to finding me some of those answers you're so hot for, but since you DON'T, I'll be going.

You are the most disruptive, least respectful Avatar ever to blunder through this world.

Well, they say each of us has had his or her particular specialty. Be seeing you, WST.

To paraphrase Atomic Robo, "Well, that was like placating him."

Jianyu Beifong - Jianyu is descended from Suyin Beifong's oldest son Baatar Jr. (an architect/engineer) and Kuvira (the head of Zaofu's City Guard during the 170's and an extremely skilled metalbender).

Captain Fen - Fen is actually the leader of all the Kyoshi Warriors, fyi.

that sounds familiar - Korra is, of course, referring to the Airbender Proliferation in the wake of Harmonic Convergence and the Spirit Portals being left open.

you cannot be serious - Oh, Tenneq. You never studied.

woman in lab coat and multifaceted glasses, her multicolored moth wings beating - The first speaking scene for Mothra, ladies and gentlemen!

leader of Clan Weyrloc ... The guy had it coming to him - This is the krogan clan trying to cure the genophage in Mass Effect 2, for those paying attention. What Korra doesn't mention is that she had to kill him a little while after the headbutting...

Weirdly, nobody ever mentions that, they only freak out about the headbutt.

Aagga - Niri's mother, although not yet at this point in the timeline. She was originally meant to have another name, but when she was a puppy, Korra had to shout "Aagga!" at her so often she naturally concluded that was her name. (It's the Tukisi word for "No.")

climb the temple - Aagga's sire was Innruq, known to all and sundry as "Innruq the Climber" for his habit of, well, climbing things.

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