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Apr-05-09, 06:03 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Day of Infamy"
In response to message #0
   >I know the story itself has been declared non-canon, but does that
>mean *nothing* that was in it will happen, or will some of the things
>happen for different reasons and/or in different contexts? Or should I
>just wait and see?

Oh, I suspect most of what's in there will still have happened, particularly the larger historical events - e.g. the Battle of the Jörmundgandr Nebula, the Battle of Bajor, Starfleet's confrontation with the WDF at the gates of Zeta Cygni, the fall of Earth. What's liable to be different, in the main, are the details of who and how.

Mind you, that's assuming we don't get a Better Idea halfway through; but at this point that doesn't seem likely. Kris did a good job establishing the wide shot, if you will, of that year in history. It's the particulars that need adjusting.

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