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Apr-08-09, 02:31 PM (EDT)
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3. "RE: Day of Infamy"
In response to message #2
   >For the record, I consider Days of Infamy to be a good read, but have
>always felt kinda :/ about how it seemed to more or less be a pushover
>victory for the good guys after the Battle of Bajor.

I'm not sure I really consider a several-month system-by-system campaign against Earthforce's rearguard action a pushover victory, but no, after the Battle of Bajor the war wasn't an enormously bloody one. The simultaneous losses at Bajor and the Jörmundgandr Nebula, to say nothing of the defection of the better part (qualitatively, if not quantitatively) of the officer corps, effectively broke Starfleet's back - they didn't play a significant part in the war again until the Solar invasion - and with the Galactic Alliance gaining momentum and numbers with each successive system, Earthforce didn't have the heft required to hold them back alone.

In my mind, the rolling-up of the Federation and Earth Alliance territories after Bajor was a bit like a compressed version of the Allied island-hopping campaign in the Pacific in World War II. It didn't take as long, but if you take Bajor as a sort of combination of Pearl Harbor (the start of hostilities) and Midway (arguably the point in which the Pacific campaign turned in the Allies' favor), the parallels begin to form. I guess, viewed in that light, it's sort of what would've happened if the U.S. Navy had been on the ball in '41, and the Japanese had found more of a fight waiting for them when they got to Hawaii.

Anyway, the battle sequences from the post-Bajor campaign are there to provide a flavor of what the next few months were like; they are not a comprehensive record of everything that happened during that campaign, lest you think that all they had to do from that point was take Corellia and Hoffman and then call it a day. :)

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