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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #15
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Nov-04-06, 05:16 PM (EDT)
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1. "RE: Fulcrum of Fate"
In response to message #0
   >There's tons I could say,

Then by all means, say it! We like tons. It's like the way things used to be back in the glory days of Symphonies 1 through 3.

>but the best thing about FoF was Ewan McGregor. I'd say that
>Gryphon made better use of his acting skills, by way of suggestive
>imagery, than George Lucas did with the real thing.

Heh, thanks, but I have to give credit where it's due; Obi-Wan wouldn't have anywhere near the prominent role he has now if it hadn't been for McGregor's performance in the prequel trilogy - especially Episode III - in the first place. He was so fantastic in Episode III that I couldn't bear the idea of relegating his character to elderly ghostitude forever. (That takes nothing away from Sir Alec Guinness, who did, after all, define the role - but Obi-Wan is just a lot more fun to me as, as Ard described him, "the Indiana Jones of the Jedi Order.")

While I'm giving props for performances in Episode III, I have to hand something to Hayden Christensen, too. I was skeptical when people said he was better than his material suggested after Episode II, but the performance he turned in during the fun part of Episode III - by which I mean the Anakin-n-Obi-Wan Buddy Cop Road Flick Adventure in the first 20-30 minutes - convinced me. Considering that his character is jammed into an awkward corner of a predetermined plot that he doesn't fit in to a greater extent than anybody in the film (except arguably Padmé, whose predicament was such that not even Natalie Portman could save her),I think he does a helluva job, especially before the film turns the corner and spirals into full-time forced-narrative numbskullery. I wouldn't have included Anakin the Younger in UF if I didn't believe he could be fun, and it was Christensen who convinced me he could be, in an elevator aboard the Invisible Hand. ("Wha - oh, it's you!")

>EDIT: I so, totally posted this in the wrong forum. ^_^;;

Moving topics is easy when you have the power of an admin!

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