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Apr-10-09, 07:38 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: *twitch*"
In response to message #0
   >methinks the natives are restless.
>Did y'all hire JJ Abrams and Tarantino to do your teasing? I'm not
>sure if telling us NF was coming (and then offering oodles of clips)
>made your rabid fans slightly more rabid, or if it has sent some of us
>off into a binge on the Forums. (At least I hope it did. Drugs would
>explain some of the wild speculations.)
>Anyway, I'm looking longingly at the New page and the bottle of
>Salzerac Rye that keeps winking at me. Or maybe it is flirting with
>the ginger ice cream. Hard to tell. Do you recommend checking the new
>page this weekend, re-reading the older stories, or should I just
>invest in a new set of barware for the duration?

I haven't been drinking more than normal, I admit, but I was ALREADY rereading the older stories when this news came out, so I wailed and gnashed my teeth, one option already taken away, days ago. I am right now looking into a quality drool shield for my keyboard.

"They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, 'nice try'." --Lezard

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