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Sep-28-17, 03:13 AM (EDT)
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   Oh! This is actually a thing I know a lot about. I used to be a huge, huge MMA fan for awhile (I still am to a degree but I don't religiously watch every PPV like I used to). WORLD ORDER is a pop/dance group founded by Genki Sudo, a former MMA fighter and world treasure. He's since stepped back from being a main performer to focus more on producing for them.

Genki Sudo is a unique guy (period, not just as a fighter). He was always a good to very good fighter (probably never great or even elite but there's no shame in that) and specifically a fairly dangerous grappler. And notably, he had a distinct fighting style that was impossible to copy. He was one of the only fighters ever who could throw a spinning backfist in a fight and have it be actually useful/not look stupid; he had a certain ability to just stop and taunt in the middle of a fight to really throw off the opponent's rhythm and not get punished for it; and he was capable of the fairly exotic for its time flying submission (wherein instead of bothering with that whole takedown and advance position thing, you just literally jump onto a guy while grabbing his arm and/or head and go straight into a submission attempt).

BUT, for all that what he might be most known for is his ring entrances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHGwHx4Qxvk . I was pretty sad when he retired but then he announced WORLD ORDER and so hey, he didn't just disappear.

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