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Subject: "Random Musings RE Palpatine's Goals"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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5. "RE: Random Musings RE Palpatine's Goals"
In response to message #3
   >>Assuming that RTtN/FoF/Blades remain
>>canonically stable once the revamped Day of Infamy hits, I found
>>myself randomly musing over Palpatine’s motivations regarding his role
>>in destroying the Federation.
>What makes you think Palpatine had any role in it whatsoever?
>Palpatine is playing his own game, and his "role" in destroying the
>Federation may have been nonexistent. There's certainly little
>evidence that he was involved in any way with the Federation melting


>This says, to me, that Ben thought highly enough of Palpatine to give
>him the benefit of the doubt, and to send Experts of Justice to treat
>with him openly, the way you'd do so with an honorable, reasonable man
>you think you can talk down. Ben makes his share of mistakes, but he's
>not dumb: so I consider this more evidence that Palpatine was thought
>of throughout the Federation as a political enemy of Bill Clark and
>viewed as a Federation loyalist.

From RTtN Part 4:
Palpatine shook his head. Tsonis fancied himself a man of
power, but he was really just a petty tyrant, using a talent bestowed
on him by genetic aberration to terrorize his subordinates and
believing it made him superior. He was useful, certainly, but
Palpatine had yet to meet a telepath who did not disappoint him. He'd
had much higher hopes for them when he'd arranged the founding of the
Psi Corps for their concentration and study.

Given that Palpatine arranged behind the scenes to both initiate/develop the Psi Corp AND arranged to disappear a significant percentage of new-build Federatin/EA capital ships and their crews indicates that he was fully involved in bringing the Federation Civil War into being.

>The reason he "bothered" with Naboo is because he wanted that
>Mandalorian superweapon for himself. This is a sensible thing;
>Mandalorian superweapons are pretty awesome. If you could big one up
>cheap, why wouldn't you?

RTtN, part 4:
"The Sith have overcome the weapons of Mandalor before,"
Palpatine growled. "If necessary they will do so again. Don't look
so surprised, Captain. Of course it was Mandalor that left the stamp
of ancient warfare on this planet. That war, like so many the
Mandalorians fought, is forgotten now - except to me. It was a defeat
that paved the way for the end of them." Palpatine smiled as if
savoring a personal memory. "A defeat meted out by the Sith. History
shall repeat itself upon Naboo, Captain."

To be honest, I think Our Lovely Lady of the Key was as much a surprise to Palpatine as it was to Corwin and Company. Naboo was in his sights primarily due to it being his home planet, I suspect. But what he thought he was going to do with once he took it remains to be seen.

>This is emphatically NOT the case in the UF universe. You can be a
>Sith Lord and both 1) not evil, and 2) not a control freak. Rianna is
>a Sith Lord and her moral compass is set firmly on green. (And unlike
>Vader, she managed to achieve that without becoming a war criminal in
>the process.)

Here you make a reasoned point. But what we know so far about Palpatine's personality is that he is a 'traditional' Sith Lord, following at least slightly the so-called Rule of Two; one Master, one Apprentice. That said, he is at least modern enough in his thinking to have multiple apprentices but, look at those he chose; not one of his apprentices that we've seen on-screen have even a modicum of Vader's, Rei's or Rhianna's control. It appears he intentionally selected his training candidates based solely on their expected inability to ever manage to successfully challenge him.

>>In RTtN, we get that
>>famous paraphrased line, ‘Everything is proceeding as I have
>>foreseen’. Palpatine, via his Force visions, has foreseen that he
>>will rise like a phoenix to galactic overlordship. RToN and the
>>events seen so far in FoF would indicate that he had grossly
>>misunderstood his visions.
>Force visions are notoriously unreliable. Canon-Palpatine did a lot of
>farseeing himself, and it didn't save him from getting the shaft from
>Vader. The Force shows you what MIGHT be, and it's colored by your own

Again, this point is well reasoned. But Palpatine wasn't just a little wrong in his interpretations of his visions throughout RTtN, he was grossly wrong. We might be able to chalk this up to a personality flaw, in that he simply ignored any Force vision that showed him in any way not winning his objections. But his pre-Fed Civil War machinations indicate a man of considerable intelligence not prone to making that kind of mistake.

>>Speculation the third: The Force was actively lying to Palpatine for
>>its own purposes.
>This seems super unlikely.
>>I don’t like any of the three above threads.
>Well, to tie my own reading of things together, I'd say that the
>simplest explanation makes the most sense; Palpatine saw the
>Federation's crash-and-burn coming and arranged things so that he'd
>end up with his own vest-pocket empire at the end.
>Nothing wrong with that. You can go very, very far in the galaxy with
>your own small fleet and a loyal cadre of people with parapsychic
>talents. Look at Big Fire, they do pretty okay.

Good point, but again, a cautious man would chose as his first target some little planet at which no one would come looking for him. Not the planet he had been elected to the Federation Senate from.

Regarding the points Terminus and mdg1 make about Palpatine not working alone, I can't find a justification that at this point would ALLOW Palpatine to work with any other allies.

In the easter egg scene at the end of the original Day of Infamy, Palpatine is sworn in as the Federation President. Once in the top seat, a Sith Lord of the old school (as Palpatine is mostly represented) would be categorically incapable of making any type of alliance that would give even the perception that he wasn't the one in complete control of the alignment. Such an alliance would be a too visible example of weakness.


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