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3. "RE: Use Your Words"
In response to message #2
>I know I've explained this before, but: some species in UF are called
>by where they come from, others by the name their species had for
>itself before it understood that there were others.

I did not know this, and now I do. I had assumed that it wasn't a deliberate stylistic choice in any way.

(I do try and keep up on Things That Have Been Explained and Things That Have Not, but... well, you have a big web site here, and while I can search for something like, say, "Atlantis" I can't readily search for more abstract matters.)

>As a general
>thing, the former are capitalized, the latter are not. Thus, humans
>(from Earth and elsewhere), asari (from Thessia), etc., but Romulans
>(from Romulus), Gamilons (from Gamilon), and so forth. This is
>presumably why "Protheans" is capitalized - it's not technically the
>name of their species, per se, but the academic label for the
>civilization they were part of. It's like referring to particular
>ancient peoples of Earth as Minoans or what have you.

I actually dug up my Chicago Manual of Style for this, and... yeah. Huh. It's weird. There are, theoretically, sentence constructions where you wouldn't capitalize something like that, but you'd have to actually go out of your way.

(This, by the way, is why I keep bringing up grammar on this board even though I have so far always been wrong. I at least end up learning something.)

Keep Rat

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