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Mar-16-16, 03:06 AM (EDT)
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9. "RE: Use Your Words"
In response to message #0
   LAST EDITED ON Mar-16-16 AT 03:09 AM (EDT)
>Apparently I'm making up vocabulary in my sleep now. In my bedside
>notebook today I find the following notation from last night:
> 4 3/9/14
>A "blint" is a short, fierce sandstorm in which visibility drops to
>zero. Term originated w/ Human colonists on Mars in 21st century.

I *know* I've heard the word 'blint' somewhere before. Urban Dictionary has two definitions for it, one of which kind of sort of maybe rings the right bell, but still.

Oh, wait, no; Urban Dictionary has inserted an 'l', and really means 'bint', I think.

This is gonna bug me now. Great.

>Not to be confused w/ the 10-day ones. Those are caparnawallahs.
>(Shepard knows this.)

And that one I've never heard of before. But it sounds vaguely faux-Australian, like it stepped out of a Crocodile Dundee movie.

(This isn't a *bad* thing, in my book, but I can't not hear the accent now.)

>The significance of the last point, in particular, eludes waking
>me. Also note that sleeping me has a hard time remembering what
>month it is, and thinks "human" is a proper noun.

Month? Sleepy You apparently can't remember what *year* it is. :D

EDIT: Sleepy *Me* apparently can't read post dates. Poke withdrawn. Derp.

(Yay threadnomancy!)


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