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Conferences Warriors of the Outer Rim Topic #23
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6. "RE: Fulcrum update"
In response to message #5
   >>Well, I like Fred, so that's a plus in my book.
>Heh. Oh, I have nothing against Fred. He just often gives the
>impression of being strangely fearful of fan wrath.

Fred's a fantastic artist, but he's severely scrambled when it comes to interpersonal relations; he worries about his fans perceptions to the point of neurosis but is absolutely ruthless when it comes to business.

And he DOES do MT for a living, so his biggest fear is to alienate his fan base and have to go back to being an architect because people stop buying his shit.


"I don't tell you how to remove bullets. Don't you tell me how to make killing machines back into little girls." Captain Kaff Tagon of Tagon's Toughs, Schlock Mercenary

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