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Nov-12-17, 09:20 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Core 1: an odd musing"
In response to message #1
   >True, the period between the Core 1 and First Contact is "short" on a
>historical scale, but a lot of major events can get packed into a
>single year.

That is so, although—depending on whether you credit the chronology that has the Wedge Defense Force returning to Earth almost immediately in the spring of 1992, or the one that has them taking a couple of years to get geared up—there were either five or seven years between the Second Battle of Worcester and First Contact. Still not a terribly long time, and yet still plenty of time for Things to Happen, though, so your point remains.

There was almost certainly a lot of controversy and conspiracy theory flying around during that period, since it was a time in which the governments of the world actually were colluding to try and keep evidence of extraterrestrial contact from the public—or at least assumed they were; no one outside GENOM (which wasn't about to disclose anything) knew what the hell that business was really about, but logically, what else could it be?

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