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Conferences Our Witches at War Topic #25
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Matrix Dragon
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Feb-23-15, 06:16 AM (EDT)
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8. "RE: OWaW 06 - graphical teaser"
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So, Trude's comments to Otto regarding his being in the wrong uniform might well be my favourite part part of this episode. As the scene earlier with Friedrich pointed out, after all, Karlsland was overrun by the Neuroi as well, its people forced into exile, and it still lives on, and remains a major player in the war, thanks in large part to the people that refused to let it die.

And then along comes this idiot who abandoned his own nation when it faced the same nightmare, is wearing her nations uniform, and is taking part in a project that pretends to be innovation, but is merely lies and tricks for political gain? The bastard's lucky she didn't send him through a wall when he went for his gun.

Matrix Dragon, J. Random Nutter

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