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Oct-04-13, 12:12 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: BPGD: Diqiu"
In response to message #3
   >I really love how Iroh Minor (or, at least, one of Zuko's grandkids)
>continued the illustrious tradition of his family fathering children
>at an absurdly old age. :)

They say he died with his boots on...

>I don't know how devoted you are to maintaining strict canon
>compliance (I know less than Phil, but more than 'don't care at all')

The problem arises for me - not just as it relates to matters Avatar, but in general - when The Canon gets something egregiously wrong. Then there's usually going to be a conflict. :) (Who am I to say that the Original Creators aren't right about a particular point? Well, who was Newton to say that the ancients had it wrong about that whole "prisms introduce impurities into heavenly white light" thing?)

Meanwhile, I'm perfectly willing to defer in such matters as this, 'cause let's face it, whether the 53rd Earth Monarch was a man or a woman? I got no dog in that fight.

That's right, I just said I'm the Isaac Newton of fanfic. ... Solitary, rude, probably suffering from mercury poisoning, and prone to poking myself in the eye when no one's looking. Hmm. On second thought, that metaphor needs some work.
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