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7. "RE: NF Characters"
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   Having rewatched it recently, I'd like to throw in a vote for the main cast of No Offence, a brilliant police procedural by the creator of Shameless. It's largely a character piece concerning three female detectives: DI Viv Deerling, a woman of absolute steel; DC Dinah Kowalska, a talented and good-hearted detective; and DS Joy Freers, an amazingly gifted detective who hides her light under a bushel and herself behind a dowdy haircut and mousy disposition. There's a season-long plot concerning the murder of girls with Down's Syndrome, and it's pretty harrowing in places, but Viv and the detectives are absolutely amazing. A trailer may be found on YouTube here, as may the rest of the series if you're donning the old shoulder parrot.

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