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6. "RE: Vikings"
In response to message #4
   Ah, law and chaos. The axis of the old D&D alignment system that a lot of people I know seem to want to misinterpret. The thing to remember about law is a person can be Lawful with respect to their own moral code, utterly separate from what the legal standards of the area are. It's not as if Utena, or anyone else in her circle, abandon their sense of morality just because they're in Earth Alliance space; quite the opposite, in fact, because the evil and oppression they run into is so much more prevalent there--and made even worse by it being dolled up in a veneer of legality. What is personally Lawful and the temporal law are not the same--and neither are related to what is -right-.


this world created by the
hands of the gods
everything is false
everything is a LIE
the final days have come
let everything be destroyed


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