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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #379
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2. "RE: On Restraining One's Inner Evil"
In response to message #0
   >So, as I'm sure will not have eluded everyone's notice, I have a
>fairly powerful imp of the
>perverse, or maybe just a strong contrarian streak, such that one of
>the best ways to get me to do something is to tell me not to do it.
>Sometimes this is deleterious, sometimes it's actually an on-ramp to
>good times, and often its results can be mistaken, by those against
>whom they are directed, as sheer spite.

See, now you've got me wondering just how much of the Collected Works of Ben Hutchins have been fueled by this.

(Also, from the half-remembered stories I pried out of some members of the production team here at parties at cons a dogs age ago, one never has to wonder if they've attracted your spite. If it merely seems like one has done this, one has not. If Ben Hutchins is being spiteful in your direction, you'll fuckin' -know-.)

>>You might want to dial back the "Corwin is awesome and makes all the
>>ladies love him without him even trying" stuff. Just a bit. It's
>>become somewhat self-congratulatory.

I now note for the historical record that, oh, a good fourteen or fifteen years ago now, I was one of the guys at EFRS who was, shall we say, not SHY about expressing opinions about how his creator was handling DJ Croft. Take that for whatever it's worth to you. :)

>I flatter myself that I handled this, if not smoothly, at least
>without actually starting a fight about it. I didn't address
>the bit I just quoted directly, but acknowledged to one of the
>follow-ups to it that he might've had a point, though I didn't think
>the matter was quite as serious as all that.

And I flatter myself that I got my point across without seeming like, well, a dick about things. I never quite know how to tell people "You may be doing something inadvisable in your writing here" without it seeming like there's an unstated "and it's fucking bad and you're bad and you should feel bad, you talentless hack" coming along for the ride. Which is a bad thing if you don't, y'know, actually think that about someones oeuvre.

(It doesn't help that I love to argue. Love it. I don't even have to win, to the extent that it's possible to 'win' a difference of opinion. I just love the arguing process.)

>Here's what my imp wanted to do instead: construct an entire series
>of minis
entitled ______ Loves Corwin, in each of which
>Corwin has a wacky adventure with one of the ladies who suspect he
>might be all that. For instance, Toph Loves Corwin would be
>the raid on King Ulfgerth of Jotunheim's treasury, while Kaname
>Loves Corwin
would detail the reason why they are barred by court
>order from ever going back to Fumo Fumo Land.

I would read the fuck out of these. All of these. I would also suggest that the full title of Toph's piece would be 'Toph Loves Corwin (Subtitle) Life-Changing Field Trip.'

More seriously, having re-read my original comment, I think that I phrased it badly despite my attempt to be clear, which I do sometimes. Corwin actually BEING awesome and making all the ladies love him without even trying is pretty cool, although I confess I like the slightly neurotic side of Corwin better.

It was the bits where people stand around talking about how awesome Corwin is that I feel are becoming slightly self-congratulatory, especially if they pertain to things we haven't actually seen on-screen. Corwin is pretty awesome, and sometimes people are gonna stand around and make note of that, but there maybe doesn't have to be a speech about it quite so frequently as there is.

>But I'm not gonna do that! Because I'm a grown-up

You've got one up on me, then. I still wake up every day and worry that my parents and co-workers will realize what a colossal sham I am.

Keep Rat

"Carlos and his team of scientists warn that one of the houses in the new development of Desert Creek, out back of the old elementary school, doesnít actually exist. It seems like it exists, explained Carlos and his perfect hair, like itís just right there when you look at it. And itís between two identical houses, so it would make more sense for it to be there then not. But, he says, they have done experiments, and the house is definitely not there. At news time, the scientists are standing in a group in front of the nonexistent house, daring each other to go knock on the door."

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