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Eyrie Productions, Unlimited

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Nov-27-17, 09:34 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: A17 promo spot, 2412.04.01"
In response to message #0
   (with apologies to Tim Schafer)

EXT. DAY. A WITCH equipped with a modern F-86 Sabre Striker Unit cruises high in a brilliant, cloudless morning sky, high above a brown, scrubby desert. As the camera draws nearer, we see it's SHIRLEY YEAGER, now in her late twenties and sporting the uniform and rank insignia of a Liberion (no longer Army) Air Force major.



With a smile, SHIRLEY puts on a little more speed and slides into formation alongside another aeronaut: URSULA HARTMANN, although without her glasses the only way to tell she's not Erica is that her leather flying jacket has a tag that says U. HARTMANN on it. She's also equipped with a jet Striker (a V-tailed design resembling the never-built Focke-Wulf Ta 183), and is wearing a bulky, angular backpack made of some shiny dark-blue material with a jaunty yellow stripe.

Say there. Is that a pre-regulation Destroyer-class solid-fuel recoil booster you have there?

Why yes it is!

She reaches up and lowers a pair of tinted goggles over her eyes.

Ta ta!

URSULA'S backpack suddenly opens a set of louvered ports on the back and emits a great cloud of fire and smoke, rocketing her away at fantastic speeds and leaving SHIRLEY coughing and sputtering.

(waving away smoke, but still smiling)


Avalon 17 Presents

Friday nights at 8:30

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