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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #439
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Aug-06-14, 00:17 AM (EDT)
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16. "RE: Goodbye and Hello - Director's Cut"
In response to message #15
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-06-14 AT 00:18 AM (EDT)
>I've finished reading the Director's Cut of Goodbye and Hello, As
, and I liked the changes. (...) I thought the merge points were
>handled very cleanly, and it overall came together and flowed nicely.
>Well done sir!

Hmm, well, in that case, I'll probably add a link to it in the index, as an alternate source for that material. The main reason for the cuts was different depending on which one we're talking about. Fire Hazards originally got split into a separate story because it seemed not to flow very well with the scenes around it, and because the overall piece was already pretty long. Storytime had something of the feel of a digression that we figured we'd get called out for including (and instead we got drubbed for leaving it out, which shows you what we know about managing expectations :), and it would have delayed the movement, which didn't seem like a good call for what is, after all, primarily flavoring.

(As for "Someone to Talk To", that got cut partly for length, which was silly in retrospect, given that the story without Storytime or Fire Hazards in it ends up being 289K. So I've put it back even in the non-Director's Cut version, because it ends up being referenced in the part that I'm working on now, anyway.)

Anyway! Good to know it made more sense, and that the nearly 400K length it ended up at wasn't a problem. I'll keep that in mind as I work on the next bit, which is shaping up to involve what would ordinarily become a side branch or two as well.

>I noticed that the What's New page is now tracking the various story
>moves in The Legacy of Korra rearrangement. Will you be doing
>something similar for Symphony when you get things a bit more set? I
>saw in another thread that you'd moved parts of stories to other
>stories back near the end of S4 / beginning of S5.

Yes, if there is in fact a major reorg, there'll be a change log for it. (The S5 Prelude reorg is more in the manner of housekeeping - it's mainly aimed at smoothing things for any new readers that might chance to come along - though that's more the reason why I forgot to What's New it rather than a reason I deliberately didn't. :)

>Dear Moderator, would you please move messages #14 and #15 (this
>message, and the one I was replying to, both by me) to a newly created
>thread using #14's subject? That was my original intent, but I screwed
>it up.

Alas, DCF can't do that. All I could do is delete them, not make them reappear someplace else.

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