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Subject: "Teaser 5: OOTR13 (5M) Taken by Storm"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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"Teaser 5: OOTR13 (5M) Taken by Storm"
   This is the last long-form teaser for Taken by Storm.

"Awright!" Korra declared, bounding down the stairs. In keeping with festival tradition, she had on her best anorak over her formal, high-collared tunic, and fur-caped trousers that looked practically new. "Are you guys ready to have some fun?"

Everyone turned and just looked at her for a moment, prompting her to inquire, "... What?"

"Is this the Nanisivik equivalent of The Hat?" Utena wondered, flipping a hand through her own loose, feathery hair.

Korra, for the first time Utena had yet seen, didn't have most of her hair up in her customary high ponytail or the formal white-cloth-cap-covered bun she'd sported at Utena and Corwin's wedding; her sidelocks were tied as usual, but the rest of her thick brown hair was down, falling about her shoulders and down into the laid-back hood of her anorak. It gave her a surprisingly different look, and one, Utena realized, not too unlike her own. Korra's hair wasn't feathery like hers, but had a tendency instead to fall in waves, a little like Kate's; but the unstudied, casual ease of the look was the same.

"Oh, heh, nah," said Korra, grinning. "I just felt like changing up my game a little for the day. Nothin' wrong with a little variation." She nudged Corwin with an elbow. "Eh, Corwin?"

"We're all going to die," said Nyima with heavy mock fatalism.

"Beg pardon, Master Nyima?" Korra inquired, pretending to have missed the remark.

"Nothing," Nyima replied with a little smile.

"All right, then!" said Korra with a fierce grin as she opened the front door. "Let's do this thing."

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