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Conferences Symphony of the Sword / The Order of the Rose Topic #517
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Star Ranger4
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May-25-17, 05:16 AM (EDT)
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11. "RE: TFLF 14: Relax"
In response to message #0
   LAST EDITED ON May-25-17 AT 06:53 AM (EDT) by Gryphon (admin)
>Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice
>on Mount Weitang...
A thousand thank yous G. Had one WRECK of a day, and this is a great lightening of the metaphysical load.

So... on to the 'dreaded(?)' thought by thought!

> All her stuff was at least two generations old. Ritsu was an inveterate
> scrounger of discount bins; she had a shelf above her computer at home
> that was full of games with the spines of their cases notched, for which
> she had paid an average of ¥2.50 apiece.

which makes you a gamer after my own heart Ritsu. I've yet to spend more than US 20 for a game (even including travelers tale Lego titles) but darn if both coaster planet and roller coaster tycoon world arn't trying to break down that barrier!

> Tonight, they were playing Western Empire, a nation-building simulator
> that cast each of its up-to-six players as the leader of one of the
> warring factions that had, in ancient times, eventually consolidated
> this part of the world into the Great Western Empire

to the uninitated read something akin to Sid Meyers Civilization series
(just about any darn release)

> "Hey Mio," Ritsu asked. "Did you finish your trade with the Fire
> Archipelago yet?"

which answers at least SOME of my questions (mostly about which 'nations' did or didn't make the cut; but probably am invoking Bellesarius' law if actually ASKED)

> Not a—what even is what you said?!

Oh, trust me Mio. Bellesarius' law is DEFINATLY in affect at this point.
*seriously evil grin if she wasn't like TOTALLY underage.
and 3 dimensions over.*

> "It's not ornate, anyway," and broke them all—even Mio—up laughing.

I TOLD ya so!!!

Of COURSE you wernt expecting it!
RCW# 86

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