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18. "RE: Wild Speculations"
In response to message #17
   A gah, a geh buh bah bweh?

Thought they'd be your thing. Space operas in the grand tradition and all that. Then again, I really ought to know better than to try and second-guess your taste in anything.

Dwellers are basically hyperintelligent cog-shaped squidgummy thingies (the technical term) that liive in gas giants for hundred of millenia at a time. They're an example of the Slow - extremely long-lived aliens with a sense of time passing to match. In comparison, humans and the like are Quick races.

"She's old, she's lame, she's
barren too, // "She's not
worth feed or hay, // "But
I'll give her this," - he blew
smoke at me - // "She was
something in her day." --
Garnet Rogers, Small

FiMFiction.net: we might
accept blatant porn involving
the cast of My Little Pony but
as God is my witness we have

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