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Jan-30-08, 09:21 PM (EST)
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5. "RE: Wild Speculations"
In response to message #4
   LAST EDITED ON Jan-30-08 AT 09:25 PM (EST)
Some really wild speculations?

Anthy doesn't turn out to be the queen of sweetness and light everyone seems to think she is:

Admittedly, I didn't care much for the character until her half-svartelven heritage made her interesting, I'm not that familiar with the source material, either...but everytime I read any scene with her, something inside me says "I ain't buyin' it, and I think Corwin and Utena are getting taken for a ride"

Am I using this as an excuse for our main bad boy Akio, hell no, but I also don't think little sis is spotless herself, and I don't think we've seen all there is to see about either of them yet (re: Norse myth never seems to end happily - Volsunga, etc...)

Also, I think given the Chief and co's abiding love for Norse myth, the triangle of Corwin, Utena, and Anthy, with a child in the mix...whew, there could be some rough times ahead.

Granted I could be completely, totally, and undeniably wrong, but the thread DID say "wild speculations"...

Maybe it was just something about Anthy and Utena's wedding scene...something didn't "feel right" -

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