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Dec-10-13, 12:17 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: the reaping"
In response to message #6
   LAST EDITED ON Dec-10-13 AT 12:18 PM (EST)
>There also might be an appropriate sub-reddit for fanfic discussions.

Oh man, Reddit? Fuck that; Reddit is the web equivalent of those newsgroups where predatory net.larvae would gather to get their kicks and celebrate their eliteness by picking on the steadily arriving freshmen every September. Advertising for new readers there would be like taking out a personal ad with a heading like SEEKING SOMEONE TO ABUSE ME - ARE YOU THE ONE?

True story: I was in a class a while back with a kid who liked to talk about his personal life, which mainly involved being an active redditor and belonging to an explicitly griefing-oriented PVP guild in EVE Online. I once asked him if he had any hobbies that didn't involve being a dick to strangers on the Internet, and he proudly replied that he did not. He was particularly proud of one adventure in which he and his Reddit posse had allegedy ganged up and gotten some guy fired from his job in revenge for some trivial social faux pas. No thank you. Even if that wasn't true, why would I risk attracting the kind of asshole who thinks it's a fun tall tale?

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