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9. "RE: (CTCS) SDG Memo 430"
In response to message #8
   >Seeing another preview of this much-looked-forward-to project, I can't
>help wondering if the Phoenix Flight Project has a local equivalent of
>Bill Tindall.

Probably several (not least Korra herself, whose habitual memo style was unsurprisingly well-known for its informality), but the shortest memo in the project's history was actually written by the Propulsion Specialist, Koharu Shimizu, during personal equipment testing in 197 ASC. Not counting the headers, salutation, and closing, it consisted of one word:

TO: Materials Selection
IN RE: Flightsuit Sample #23-05




Attached to the bottom of the sheet was a charred fragment of what had been a swatch of the supposedly fireproof material the crew flightsuits were to be made from.

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