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Feb-06-12, 03:59 AM (EDT)
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"How I found my way here"
   Hi all. I'm Brent, a meteorologist living in Southern California. Instead of trying to write about myself, I'll just tell you how I ended up posting on this here forum.

(TL;DR version: I've enjoyed UF immensely and I'd like to thank everyone responsible for the fun.)

So, about 3 years ago, I got kicked out of grad school. It was probably because I had spent too much time in the student government and on Discordian projects (bureaucracy division, of course). Being a role-playing gamer, I had a lot of friends in the anime club at school, so I decided to start watching anime with my new-found free time.

Though eventually, one gets bored with the free time. I decided to get back into programming, because I think I secretly missed the problem sets, and coding is often like solving a mathematical puzzle. So I went back to Perl, a language I had used before college (and much nicer than FORTRAN). I started reading up on it, and came across a talk by Larry Wall on how Perl was a postmodern language, wherein he recommended Revolutionary Girl Utena for its postmodernism, Absolute Destiny Apocalypse and octopi in closets.

I was hooked. I enjoyed Utena immensely. After watching the show, I was checking out the TV Tropes page, and noticed the fanfiction section. Moving to UF's page, I read the line "Connections: Host James Burke is a Time Lord." It's the kind of sentence that, once read, makes me wonder why I hadn't realized it myself.

I decided to read Undocumented Features, but I didn't want to miss out on too much of the context. So I watched Dirty Pair, Bubblegum Crisis, and Magic Knight Rayearth before starting with the core stories, and worked my way forward in time. (I'm still watching Babylon 5, having missed it due to, let's say, my wasted youth.) After seeing Utena's name in the first bit of Dies Irae, I jumped ahead to the Symphony of the Sword.

Symphony of the Sword truly is a amazing story. But everything I went through along the way was worth it, too, from the anime series to the exploits of Thunder Force. I look forward to all of the stories I still need to read. So thank you to everyone at EPU for writing entertaining, creative, and postmodern fiction, and for introducing me to so much other entertainment.

Someone from TV Tropes said I should introduce myself here, so um... hello world!

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