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Conferences Symphony of the Sword/The Order of the Rose Topic #441
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"A Bit of S5DS05"
   For various reasons, this story is not yet close enough to finished for this to really qualify as a teaser; consider it more like one of those things that sometimes come up to give you something to look at besides the progress bar.

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        Downtown, Korra emerged from a dockside warehouse, sweaty and
begrimed. Behind her, the Fire Department had the problem contained and
wouldn't require her assistance any further; so, with a grateful heart,
she went to one of the open barrels of water set out for the refreshment
of the firefighters and directed about half of its contents over her
head, sluicing soot and dirt from herself and her modified police armor.
"Do I even really want a briefing on this one?" asked Inspector
Eitaro Imanishi dryly from a few yards away.
"Believe it or not, it's actually not as bad as it looks," Korra
replied, waterbending her hair dry again. "One of us is going to have
to give Daisuke the why-do-we-not-go-undercover-without-telling-anyone
talk again, though - NOT IT!"
Imanishi, who had opened his mouth to say the last two words
himself, closed it again with a chuckle. The two colleagues grinned at
each other for a second; then Imanishi sighed and said,
"Well, at least we don't have to raid this particular building
now." Behind him, part of the warehouse collapsed; he didn't even
blink, much less turn around to look. "Thanks for your help, all the
same. This could've gone a few different ways. Rei told me you were in
the middle of something when she called?"
Korra surprised the inspector by blushing slightly, her grin
becoming a little bit wry. "Nothing I can't get back to," she said,
then frowned and added, "What's with them?"
Imanishi turned to look where she was looking. There was a
small crowd of people at the end of the block, being kept clear of the
police line by a couple of uniformed officers, and suddenly everyone
over there - civilians, cops, the lot - was pointing off to the
northeast and exclaiming in surprise. Puzzled, the inspector and Korra
turned to look in that direction.
Two forms were circling one of the mountain peaks a few miles
outside the city. At first, Korra thought they might be airplanes,
until their long, sinuous shapes and the fluidity of their movements
registered on her, and she realized with a profound shock what - WHO -
they were.
Dragons. A pair of them, long and sleek, their scales flashing
in the sunlight as they banked and wheeled in an intricate, interlocking
aerial dance above and around the peak. One red, the other blue, but
otherwise virtually identical. As far as she was aware, Korra knew all
the dragons left in Diqiu who had seen fit to make themselves known to
anyone, and these two were especially unforgettable - all the more so
because, based on everything she thought she knew about them, they
shouldn't be there.
"TWO dragons!" one of the tinheads on crowd control cried.
"What does it mean?"
Without pausing to speculate, Korra snatched her glider-staff
from where she'd left it leaning on a patrol car and dashed up the
street. In one smooth sequence of movements, she shed parts of her
armor as she ran; at the end of her takeoff run, having cast off all the
heavy metal plates, she sprang into the air and unfurled the glider's
wings, conjuring a gust as she did so to carry her aloft and direct her
toward the mountains. Standing on the sidewalk where she'd just been,
Imanishi watched her go, then silently set about collecting the pieces
of her armor.

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