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Subject: "The Mini-Story Conference: Important Notes" Locked thread - Read only
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Mar-03-07, 07:24 PM (EST)
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"The Mini-Story Conference: Important Notes"
   LAST EDITED ON May-01-12 AT 10:06 PM (EDT)
The Undocumented Features Mini-Story project started as an experiment and has since developed into a full-fledged content stream for UF in its own right. Some Minis have rather stretched the definition of "miniature", if we're honest, and a couple of items originally put in development as Minis (such as Weapon of Choice) have even evolved into fully off-Forum works.

NB: Because of the somewhat achronal nature of the Mini-Story conference, where the content is meant to be revisited and/or here for new users who weren't on the board when it was originally posted, it's one of the three conferences on the Forum where revisiting long-dormant threads (also known as "necroposting") is not likely to annoy the mods. (The other two are Featured Documents and Annotations.) It's not a bad thing if people are discovering or rediscovering stories that've been here for ages, after all - under those circumstances they're not even really dead! :)

NB 2: The mini-stories make use of the extended Latin-1 character set, so you're going to want to set your web browser's text encoding to UTF-8 (Unicode), if it isn't already, to make sure the extended characters display correctly. The server should already have given your client the heads-up on this, but these things don't always work properly here in the real world. If "Motörhead" looks okay to you, you should be all set for recent pieces and ones posted after the date of this post.

NB 3: Some older Minis, from before we standardized on Unicode, are in ISO 8859-1 (Western), but the server does not know the difference, and so they will probably require manual intervention on your end.

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