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   Babylon Project Galactic Database
Text Data Extraction Search: International Police Personnel Files
Personnel Data: F-3PZ

Full name: Senior Chief Petty Officer Fritz Keller, United Federation of Planets Starfleet (retired)
Identicode: F-3PZ
Model: 3P-series protocol droid
Manufacturer: Cybot Galactica
Date of activation: January 12, 2297
Place of activation: Cybot Galactica Assembly Plant No. 12, Niogi
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Photoreceptors: White
Plating: Grey
Adjusted Cybernetic Wolfe-DeKok Intelligence Equivalency: 125

Turing Board status: Emancipated
Date of emancipation: October 4, 2342

Date of IPO Induction: January 4, 2410
Division of service: Tactical Division
Grade: Special Protective Service operative, Level 2

Core equipment:
- SyntheTech AA-1 VerboBrain® positronic CPU
- Cybot Galactica TranLang III communications coprocessor

Significant modifications:
- ExoSalusia Defense Technologies TacStar-III tactical coprocessor
- XDT Sentinel Plus personal security module
- XDT BallisTech bonded armor plating
- XDT Agilitrac® endoskeleton enhancement suite
- DomesTek H.I.G.G.I.N.S. Mk IV household management module

- United Galactica Navy Bronze Star
- Starfleet Silver Star for Conspicuous Gallantry
- Starfleet Purple Heart

Description: Fritz appears to be a standard protocol droid of the ubiquitous Cybot Galactica 3P series, with slightly shabby grey alloy plating and plain white photoreceptors. Prolonged examination will reveal that he does not move with the standard stiff, mincing gait associated with that model in the popular imagination, though he often affects it in public.

Notes: Cybot Galactica protocol droid F-3PZ was purchased in 2297 by the United Galactica Navy to serve as a standard shipboard interpreter on one of that force's deep space patrol/exploration vessels. He served in this capacity aboard several UGN starships without incident or particular distinction until 2329, when he was posted to UGS Yorktown (NCC-1717), a Constitution-class starship under the command of Captain Lauren Keller. For whatever reason, Captain Keller took a particular liking to the veteran droid and made him her designated personal interpreter, which meant that his regular duty station was the starship's bridge. It was she who began calling him "Fritz" in lieu of his alphanumeric identicode.

The following year, Yorktown was destroyed by Romulan forces at the Battle of the Kedaris Rift, the opening clash of the 2330-2334 Earth-Romulan War. Caught up in a crisis that was well beyond the scope of his limited emergency management programming, Fritz performed like... well, like a seasoned 30-year spacer (despite the UGN's regularly scheduled memory wipes, which meant that in practical terms he should have lacked such accumulated experience). His actions that day saved the lives of a good many of his shipmates, including Captain Keller, when Yorktown had to be abandoned. For this he was rewarded with the UGN Bronze Star and Keller's personal assurance that his memory would never be wiped again so long as he served with her. (As a matter of fleet policy, UGN droids were never recommended for Turing Board certification.)

Keller and Fritz moved on to another ship, survived the war, then weathered the storm as the United Galactica fell and was replaced by the United Federation of Planets in 2335. They served together in the reorganized Federation Starfleet until 2342, when Captain Keller was killed in action during one of the numerous brushfire conflicts that collectively made up what history texts now call the Outer Rim Wars. This action left F-3PZ an even bigger hero than before, but also without his protector within the fleet, and it briefly looked as if he would either be handed on to another captain (who might reinstate regularly scheduled memory wipes) or scrapped outright, being more than 40 years old and having suffered his share of wear and tear.

Luckily, Captain Keller had anticipated this, and had specified in her standard will that, should she perish in the line of duty and Fritz survive her, he should be sponsored for the Turing Board without delay. The request was not legally binding - F-3PZ was not the captain's property, but the fleet's - but it became something of a cause célèbre in the Federation press, being cast by those who covered it as the last wish of a fallen hero. Faced with such public pressure, the Admiralty chose to honor the captain's request.

Upon his emancipation, F-3PZ took the legal name "Fritz Keller" in honor of his late patron and friend, then - as many emancipated robots do - resumed his old job by enlisting in Starfleet. He would serve for another four decades, first as an interpreter and yeoman, then as a personal security officer, and retired in 2383 as a senior chief petty officer.

Since his retirement from the fleet, Fritz's history has been harder to track. He turns up in various databases, having put his talents and security modifications to use in a number of freelance capacities over the years; for instance, he's still licensed as a Hunter-Investigator in the Outer Rim Territories (through the registration office on 03F8) and as a private investigator in the Empire of Salusia. He's clearly seen action in other, unofficial capacities as well during that time.

In December of 2409, having grown weary of the nomadic life of a freelancer, Fritz answered an advertisement in the special classified section of the Avalon County Security Professional's Gazette:

Majordomo required for private New Avalon home with special security needs. Some domestic work; cooking skills not required but desirable. Successful candidate will have extensive personal and installation security skills, discretion. Psionic resistance training a big plus. Live-in, comfortable domestic situation with friendly residents. Applicants must possess or be eligible to obtain IPO Class A clearance. No psychos. BOX 39349.

Fritz began his career as a standard 3P-series droid, and still looks completely stock on the outside. Only by weighing (or trying to lift) him would a casual observer suspect there was anything out of the ordinary about him, since he weighs about 50 pounds more than a base-model 3P. Most of this extra mass comes from the fact that he's been fitted with the ExoSalusia Defense Technologies Protector III Personal Security Kit, which includes replacing the standard outer plating with bonded armor capable of withstanding anything up to light anti-vehicle weapons, extensive endoskeleton modifications to provide hugely improved mobility, and a comprehensive set of VerboBrain upgrades enhancing the base-model droid's tactical assessment, weapons handling, and hand-to-hand combat capabilities by what the brochure calls, with only faint hyperbole, "a factor too high to compute."

This very expensive set of modifications, once de rigueur for a certain class of government dignitary-protection units, still represents one of the finest discreet-security packages ever devised. 3P units fitted with the Protector III kits are commonly referred to on the street as "cartel-grade", based on the type's reputed popularity with the better class of organized criminal. Combined with Fritz's long and wide-ranging real-world experience, his Starfleet Security training, and his well-honed cybernetic instincts, this may well add up to one of the finest security operatives in the galaxy.

The aforementioned casual observer would never know it, encountering him on a normal day. An ordinary-looking - indeed, slightly battered and worn-looking - protocol droid, Fritz speaks with the slight German accent common to Niogi-built 3Ps and is customarily mild and inoffensive in manner. Though not given to cringing or whittering like the stereotypical "butler mode" 3P, he is unfailingly friendly and polite when speaking to members of the household and the public. Only when someone breaches the security perimeter he's dedicated to protecting does his demeanor change, first to much firmer politeness, and then to something... rather harder-edged.

Fritz Keller got the job at 771 East Christie Avenue because he fits the requirements of the ad he answered. He's discretion itself, an unobtrusive protocol droid of a series renowned for its ubiquity and pleasantly neutral aspect. He speaks tons of languages and knows every local custom. He's an excellent cook. He can keep an immaculately neat house. He's good with children and pets. And when trouble rings the doorbell, he's fluent in six million forms of ass-kicking.

Current assignment: Fritz Keller is employed as the majordomo at 771 East Christie Avenue in New Avalon's Claremont district. He is rarely off the premises.

End of Text Data Extract
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