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Aug-02-08, 10:46 PM (EST)
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"Tuncer & Rotini"
   LAST EDITED ON Aug-02-08 AT 10:55 PM (EDT)
Storytime! This one needs a little setup.

A couple of months before the wedding, I was trying to think of something nice to do for Ardaniel to commemorate the event. Our main CoH characters, Tuncer and Rotini Barilla, were getting dangerously close to 50, and we were also getting close to our one-year anniversary in the game. So I hit on the idea that maybe I could get some art of our characters commissioned.

But what artist to try and get? Given all the special occasions the idea was wrapping up, up to and including getting *married* and all, after some internal debate I decided I would go for the brass ring and try to get someone very, very meaningful to the both of us. Someone whose work had itself helped to bring us closer together. So I wrote up an email and sent it off and held my proverbial breath.

Bupkis. Nada. 6 weeks passed without a reply. I assumed the artist in question was busy, and I wasn't utterly tied to the idea, so, you know, I tried and all. The wedding came and went, even though that wasn't the exact date I was shooting for in the first place, I'd more or less let it go.

Then, two weeks before this year's San Diego Comic-Con (which was the target date), I got a reply. "Looks like I missed the wedding, but if you still want it, yeah, I can do it." I scrambled for screenshots and reference, and sent them away. And then I spent an agonizing two weeks trying to keep my mouth shut- keeping a project so large under Ard's radar is a Herculean effort! And as if for bonus points, we actually managed to hit 50 on both of them the weekend before SDCC. I was psyched.

We pile into the car early on the Friday morning of Con, blast down to San Diego, hit the show floor right around 9:30am. Had to beeline to the NCSoft booth for our free game swag. And then, with a few unsubtle "Where is so-and-so's table again?" questions from me, we finally get there. After a few amusing moments of "Wow, does he remember us from last year? Cool." and then me and him doing a silent Laurel and Hardy routine finding the art in his sketchbook, he finds it and pulls it out...

...and I got *exactly* the floored reaction I'd been hoping for.

So, now that I finally got a decent scan and have sent the original off to a trusted framing shop, I'd like to show off master swordsman Tuncer and mistress of fire Rotini Barilla, as depicted by Mage and Grendel creator Matt Wagner:

edit: I'd like to add that I specifically sent screencaps sans any power effects, save one show Rotini's hands on fire from triggering one of her powers. That he managed to get the general background green of Tuncer's Regen secondary powers just floors me after the fact. :)

Chad Collier
Smirking Kilrathi
The Captain of the Gravy Train

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