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Jun-04-21, 01:15 AM (EDT)
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"Power Wash Simulator"
   Seriously. It's a game where you play as someone who operates a small business, washing things with a pressure washer for hire. There are a variety of nozzles and attachments. There are detergents that work best on different surfaces. There are (occasionally bizarre) text messages from your clients while you're washing their things. There are a lot of whooshing and spattering sound effects.

It is preposterously satisfying.

It's in Steam early access, but appears largely complete, with everything seeming to work like it should; I suspect the gameplay functions are finished, and what they're working on now is mostly adding more jobs (there are already quite a few for what is technically a demo) and equipment (e.g., there's a blank in the store for a washer tier above "heavy duty", but nothing available in it yet).

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