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Subject: "Peanut butter, Pickles, and Cheese. Or possibly 'Hello'"     Previous Topic | Next Topic
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Nova Floresca
Member since Sep-13-13
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Sep-14-13, 03:56 PM (EDT)
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"Peanut butter, Pickles, and Cheese. Or possibly 'Hello'"
   Hello everyone! I figured, I've been lurking here on the Eyrie boards since NXE 1.X was the newest release, probably time to make an account and properly make a fool of myself.

Having gotten into the arena of putting my writing out there where other people can read it and tell me what they think of it in the past year, my respect for the Eyrie staff has grown considerably from its already-large starting point. Cheers, and many thanks for the years of superb reading!

"There is no transitive property
of flavor."

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