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Oct-09-06, 09:38 PM (EDT)
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"TRAILER: Such Devotion"
   LAST EDITED ON Oct-10-06 AT 00:28 AM (EDT)
The following PREVIEW has been certified for ALL AUDIENCES by the Imaginary Motion Picture Association of America. The film previewed has not been rated.

[MUSIC: Rob Dougan / "Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation)" / Furious Angels]

[EXTERIOR (TATOOINE), DAY. HK-47 and REI are leaving the Mos Espa spaceport.]

REI: Let's get this over with. I don't want to be on this planet any longer than I have to be.

HK-47: Acknowledgement: Affirmative, Master.

[HK-47 POV: The MAN addresses REI. Suddenly, HK-47 turns to see another MAN IN BLACK behind him, raising an object. There is a bright FLASH, then static, then a BLACK SCREEN.]

VO: They took away the one person who gave his existence meaning.

[BLACK SCREEN; fixed-pitch text scrolls from left in amber with blinking cursor]


[INTERIOR, DARK. Nothing is visible for a few seconds; then a pair of glowing red OPTICS flickers once and comes to life.]


HK-47: Query: Are you all right, Master? ... Master?

[EXTERIOR, DAY. HK-47 stands alone in the spot outside the spaceport where he and REI were accosted. Nothing is there now but a couple of scorch marks on the ground. The spaceport crowd flows around HK-47, not noticing him. Pan around him as he stands looking around for a long moment, his hands opening and closing. At the end of the pan, he hangs his head.]

HK-47: Embittered self-indictment: I have failed.

VO: They took away his self-respect.

[INTERIOR, DAY. The Mos Espa cantina. The door swing open and HK-47 stalks purposefully into the entryway. Conversations and music stop; everyone in the place turns to stare.]

BARTENDER: Hey! Take it outside, droid. We don't serve your kind here.

HK-47: Placation: Take it easy, friend. I'm not looking for trouble.

[Suddenly, a pair of heavy blaster pistols pop into HK-47's hands from housings in his legs (RoboCop style).

HK-47: Retraction: Actually, I lied.

VO: But what they couldn't take away... was his purpose.

[HK-47 POV: A blurry freeze-frame image of the MAN IN BLACK who spoke to REI.]


[MUSIC: Papa Roach / "Not Listening" / Getting Away with Murder]

[MONTAGE of quickly intercut clips, mostly action. HK-47 shooting, people in grey uniforms shooting at him, things blowing up; a few seconds on HK-47 in a running battle with what appears to be a battalion or so of Neimoidian battle droids; HK-47 on a speeding hoverbus in a densely packed city, shooting it out with men on swoops. Some bits are in a desert, others in a colossal city full of air traffic and impossibly tall buildings, some in the metallic corridors of what appears to be an office building. There are glimpses of other people in some of the shots, including one with a lightsaber, though it's not clear if they're HK-47's allies or enemies. At the end the music PAUSES.]

[INTERIOR, DAY. HK-47 with a bulky metallic pack adorned with a radiation symbol on his back, riding in a glassed-in elevator on the side of one of the aforementioned enormous buildings with an ELVIS IMPERSONATOR.]

ELVIS (clearly freaking out): You are the craziest god-damned droid in the universe!

HK-47: Acknowledgement: Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch.

[MUSIC and MONTAGE resume. Black title cards with amber text, as before, intercut at five-second intervals.]






Undocumented Features Future Imperfect
Warriors of the Outer Rim Prelude


[EXTERIOR, DAY. HK-47 stands on top of the hoverbus seen in the montage. Long shot, facing him; over his shoulder in the background, a FUEL STATION explodes in a huge fireball.]


Sometime in 2007, maybe?
We don't even know any more.

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