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Jul-01-17, 03:58 PM (EST)
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"best tank ever?"
   LAST EDITED ON Jul-01-17 AT 06:55 PM (EDT)
I don't play World of Tanks any more—I was never very good at it, and the community (and I use the term loosely) is not conducive to having a good time if you aren't very good at it—but I still watch gameplay videos online sometimes, and in one of them I recently learned of the existence, in the game and in real life, of what I think may very well be the coolest armored fighting vehicle ever devised: the S-tank, perhaps the only vehicle ever to be more visually worthy of the "Flatpanzer" nickname than the actual Flatpanzer.* It's so weird that they had to create new game mechanics for it in order to put it in World of Tanks, in large part because it employs a gun-laying technique that appears to be derived from the Los Angeles lowrider scene.

Ah, you have to love Swedish machinery.

* not to be confused with the series of Flakpanzers.
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