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Conferences Neon Exodus Evangelion Topic #119
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Feb-17-03, 03:02 PM (EST)
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   I liked, more or less, how these came out.

DJ is wielding a badly-drawn Glock. Notice that his plugsuit looks altered, as if his intimate contact with Lucifer has altered it. Notice his semi-long, bishounen hair. I think his women-magnet factor has been increased by who knows how much, now.

Asuka.... well, i just drew her quickly and out she came like that. I altered the plugsuit to what I remembered about the alternate plugsuits that Yoshiyuki-san had drawn... or something. Anyway, she looks too slit-eyed, but then, nothing ever comes out perfectly. ::shrug::

...Yes, I know, she's missing a lower body. But then, DJ's missing part of his right arm.::shrug::

Have fun at looking!

In the event of an emergency, please drop your pants and run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

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