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Nov-20-19, 09:04 PM (EDT)
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"Pokémon as Greek Tragedy"
   The tragedy of the original Pokémon theme is that wild Pokémon respawn infinitely in the tall grass areas. This means that Ash has unwittingly set himself a task that is not merely improbably difficult, but literally impossible. Try all he likes, he can never catch them all.

This is why his friends and companions grow, change, and move on with their lives, while he remains eternally 10 years old and not very good at Pokémon. Without knowing it, he's become a lich. Billions of years hence, when civilization is dust and the Sun is growing dim and cool, he will still be roaming what remains of the Earth, catching the stunted abominations of the far future.

Cursed by the gods for his hubris. Never to be forgiven.

Never declare something you don't fully understand to be your destiny.

You may turn out to be right.

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