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Member since May-2-12
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May-02-12, 05:09 PM (EST)
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   LAST EDITED ON May-02-12 AT 05:23 PM (EDT)
Hello. I'm DaPatman89, though you can drop the 89 when talking to/about me if you want. I enjoy reading, snooker and playing games of all types, be they board, card or video.

I first discovered UF a couple of years ago, when it promptly replaced TV Tropes as the thing that came closest to making me fail out of university (fortunately, it wasn't successful); though I didn't get as far as the forums until about three months ago, on which I've lurked ever since. To be honest, I'll probably still lurk for the most part, except now I can contribute if I want to.

Fun fact: Gryphon is the only internet celebrity who's birthday I know, primarily due to the fact that it is also my birthday.


"Things in life aren't always quite what they seem,
There's more than one given angle to any one given scene.
So bear that in mind next time you try to intervene
On any one given angle on any one given scene."
Angles - dan le sac vs. Scroobius Pip

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