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Feb-27-12, 10:51 PM (EDT)
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   Loved it. I totally need to re-read it again...which I will have plenty of time tonight from 11:30-12, 2:30-3, and 5:30-6 to do.

And I liked the HTML, but recognize that unless one of the fans comes up with a style sheet that works, it ain't happening. (this, in other parlance, is known as a broad hint, btw).

I think Laura is an interesting character, but has an all too familiar background - how many ronin-style folks are roaming this galaxy? And how many children has G. saved over the years from becoming the Ultimate Weapon(TM)? I also thought Skuld was slightly out of character (I mean, she turns pink!) but that could be the BatB treatment - I really didn't like watching that show because I couldn't accept some of the characterizations.

Also, nice shout-out to the current Batman line with the "red robin" reference.

I would love to see the fight sequence on Omega animated. damn. I honestly think it's a lot better than the NA sequence, although I loved the NA setup and the chase scene. one question - is that the same battledome Corwin fought in?

Anyway, an rollicking good yarn, and an excellent way to tie in the Exile to what ever you're calling the post-Future Imperfect.


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