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Oct-25-15, 12:35 PM (EDT)
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"Hello from Jamey"
   I'm certain I might've introduced myself before, but you can call me Jamey.

Though not too much of a geek, I definitely have my interests. I like political and military stuff, but my most favorite of everything is magical girls.

I came here onto the page because I read the read the Core series and some of the more improved fic out there (Exile and Future Imperfect that is). I was hoping to contribute if I can, considering I know a few series that could be worth putting in.

In terms of fanfiction, I really enjoy crossovers, especially the big ones or ones I see most fitting. As of now my current crossovers are:
* A collaborative project between Code Geass and Lyrical Nanoha
* A Starcraft project involving Heart of the Swarm's evolution missions.
* A multi-crossover series that's ambitiously as big as Undocumented Features (and this was BEFORE learning UF) that involves an immense circle of parallel universes divided into ten nations.
* A number of crossovers with my own works.

Speaking of my own works, I develop and write my own series. The biggest is a magical girl series (as expected) that involves fighting an anti-magic organization that hunts them (not expected.) And there are many more on the way. So far, I finished through 7 episodes of 10 in Part, which I'll finished before moving to something else.

Look forward to be back on this. If you're interested, I can share a lot more.

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