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Jan-03-06, 01:51 AM (EDT)
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"Welcome to Private-Mail!"
   And I, for one, am glad it's back. I've always believed any space like we have here at EPU needs a place where you can be a little random and a little off topic. If nothing else it gives the nice illusion of community. :)

This time around, I'd like to at least set a few minor ground rules. I like random chaos as much as the next guy, but if we can keep to a few rough guidelines our chances for survival increase exponentially.

Lets get the bad stuff out of the way first.

The Don'ts:

  • This isn't where you can post stuff that would get you in trouble anywhere else on the forum. There aren't any major rules on the masthead to point at anymore, but if you've been around for a while you know what I mean. If you haven't been around for a while, do yourself a favor and lurk for a while. You'll sort out what flies and what dies pretty quick. Give the AUP over in 'The Forum Itself' a read too, if you haven't already.

  • Content should be generally be Safe For Work. Language isn't too much of a concern, but porn or blatantly offensive content is right out. If you feel your case is borderline, flag it as such clearly and before whatever link/joke/what have you. Clicking links is habitual, and most people click before reading the rest of your post. The mods reserve the right to differ with your opinion of what is ok and what isn't. It's a moving target. Deal. :)

  • This is sort-of repeated elsewhere, but worth noting again. This isn't where you come to bitch about something/someone else on the forum or about EPU. If you've got a problem that serious with someone else here, take it to PM's or email. (Now if you've got beef with something outside these walls, and you think it's amusing enough to share and can present it in writing more advanced than, "That suxx0rz!", go for it.)

Ok, so that's that. What is ok, then?

The Dos

  • Got a semi-relevant (science, sci-fi, dubiously related to some story, &c) link to a cool story or cool item or cool artwork? Post it!

  • Seen a cool movie, read a cool book? Post your thoughts! (Spoiler warnings, please)

  • Do you like video games? We do! You might have even noticed! Come on down!

You get the idea. I don't mean to make it Fark Lite here or anything, the idea is to just have a social place to bounce stuff around. So try to keep things at least passingly related to EPU.

Two side notes I'd like to make:

First: The folk that hang around here are, generally, more computer savvy than your average Joe. If you've got a computer-related issue and you've reached the end of your Google search without relief, feel free to post a cry for help here. I'd like, however, to keep such threads to low post count, so try to kick things over to PM or email as soon as possible. Holy Wars and the like will not be tolerated.

Second: Got your own fanfic/writing project on the web and want to announce it here? That's cool, but the same rule as above applies. Discussion of said work should take place there, not here, or in email if there is no 'there' there.

As always, consider these rules as a basic guideline and always in flux. Expect them to change at the whim of the mods and admins should conditions merit changes. Don't troll, don't be a choad. Everybody have fun.

Enjoy, and welcome!

Please note: I've archived everything that came before this. It still exists, I've just cleared the board for new stuff.

Chad Collier
Smirking Kilrathi
The Captain of the Gravy Train

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