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Feb-08-16, 10:25 AM (EDT)
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"Our Superb Owl Ad"
   LAST EDITED ON Feb-08-16 AT 10:33 AM (EST)
So this technically got approved a day late, but hey, at least this way it didn't cost us $4 Million imaginary dollars to air during halftime! -BZA

INT: Darkness. Cold, and silent, with a slightly hushed whisper of wind.

Voicover: A warm, older voice, friendly, yet a bit tinged with wistful regret.

"It seems that for now... this is goodbye. But I suspect you'll all be seeing me again."

A sudden FLASH of light, illuminating a rolling hillscape, as a single spear of brilliance pierces the skies, spreading a beautiful blue tinged radiance as it rises.

VO: "In the meantime...take the rest of the decade off. You've earned it."

The light fades, returning us to darkness, but a moment after, words begin to appear: THIS BATTLE IS OVER.

The words remain on screen for a moment, then dissolve one by one, accompanied by a sound - faint at first, but growing steadily louder. A deep, rhythmic *BOOM - BOOM - BOOM*. Footsteps, measured at first, but accelerating rapidly into a run as the final letters fade away, followed by new words crashing across the screen, as if they are being chased by that unseen charging giant.


These words dissolve as the footsteps STOP with a loud crash, and after a heartbeat, a flash of something turning to face the camera. Massive and bulky, without the characteristic smoothness of an Evangelion's armor and biosculpted form, or an Angel's otherworldly appearance. Chitinous plates, jagged spikes, and an unnervingly bilious blue-green luminescence radiating from what must be it's eyes.

It sets itself as if preparing to lunge forward, and the camera snaps back to black, followed by the sound of a thunderous gunshot, and a responding roar of pain.

Neon Exodus Evangelion: This Is (not) The End


Jaymie "BZArcher" Wagner
@BZArcher / bzarcher at gmail
"Life is change. Let’s live.”

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