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Nov-05-12, 08:36 PM (EST)
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"Sometimes You Realize You Did It Wrong"
   I was re-reading Requiem for a Lensman earlier, reminding myself of some of the timing details, and it reminded me that I did a bit of the denouement completely, stupidly wrong. Gryphon's had this terrible shock, right, he feels like it's knocked all the supports out from under the ramshackle framework that's been his increasingly complicated life since 2380, he needs to step back and regroup and get his shit together, right? Fine, no problems there. It makes sense and it opens up several interesting possibilities that get explored in the later part of S4 and in a couple side stories. Raven: Blood Ties, for instance, wouldn't work without it.

Except he doesn't take his dog with him. What kind of man has an experience like that, where he feels he has to retreat from all human contact for a while, and doesn't take his dog with him?

This first occurred to me shortly after the real Wolfgang (although thanks to my mom's influence, we always called him Regal) died, and it's been (like his death) nagging at a corner of me ever since. It's just so obviously stupid that I think of it again every time I encounter that part of the storyline.

I'm not going to go back and retroactively change it now, because it would affect so many different items (not just that movement, but subsequent parts of S4, and Blood Ties, and the S4 annotations, because the rewrites would probably change the line counts), but it tasks me, Joachim, it tasks me, and I have to at least acknowledge that yes, that was a Schoolboy Error.

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