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Mar-09-13, 09:55 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: The Real Art of Noise"
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>In 1998 they released a cover of Prince's
>"Kiss" that featured Tom Jones on vocals, which reached #5 on the UK
>singles chart and #18 on the US dance chart.

Oh, their "Kiss" cover is much older than that; it was one of Derek Bacon's favorite songs, and he died in 1996. (Admittedly quite late in 1996, but still.) Nineteen eighty-eight, perhaps.

>At the 1998 Oscars, AoN member Anne Dudley, who composed several
>scores for movie and TV, won in the Best Music, Original Musical or
>Comedy Score category for "The Full Monty."

She also conducted the BBC Concert Orchestra in (at least) the Royal Albert Hall performance of Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, which ended up being the DVD type specimen for that tour. She's particularly featured in the bit where she and Bailey do dueling prog-rock outros at the end of "The Leg of Time", which I believe has been featured as the song of the day on this very board at some point.

The Art of Noise also did a song featuring Max Headroom ("Paranoimia"), the theme to Dragnet 1987, and the best band photo ever featured on an album jacket ("The Art of Noise Hold a Spanner", which just shows several people's hands holding a wrench - the rest of their bodies are out of shot).

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