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Mar-09-13, 11:13 PM (EDT)
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2. "RE: The Real Art of Noise"
In response to message #1
   Guess it might be nice to link to the Art of Noise's homepage.

>>In 1998 they released a cover of Prince's
>>"Kiss" that featured Tom Jones on vocals, which reached #5 on the UK
>>singles chart and #18 on the US dance chart.
>Oh, their "Kiss" cover is much older than that; it was one of Derek
>Bacon's favorite songs, and he died in 1996. (Admittedly quite
>late in 1996, but still.) Nineteen eighty-eight,

Yes, a pair of year-typos on me. Kiss was 1988, Peter Gunn was 1987.

>>At the 1998 Oscars, AoN member Anne Dudley, who composed several
>>scores for movie and TV, won in the Best Music, Original Musical or
>>Comedy Score category for "The Full Monty."
>She also conducted the BBC Concert Orchestra in (at least) the Royal
>Albert Hall performance of Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide to the
, which ended up being the DVD type specimen for that
>tour. She's particularly featured in the bit where she and Bailey do
>dueling prog-rock outros at the end of "The Leg of Time", which I
>believe has been featured as the song of the day on this very board at
>some point.

Sounds like a inspiration for Kate, however you want to use "inspiration"


Jeanne Hedge
"Never give up, never surrender!"

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