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2. "RE: President Clark vs. the IPO"
In response to message #1
   LAST EDITED ON Jun-19-13 AT 00:55 AM (EDT)
>>"We should be separate from the WDF - they're needed as they
>>are, and there are plenty of other officers who deserve a shot at the
>>top. It ought to be separate from the 3WA too, and from any
>>corporation - its own oversight, its own sanction, everything."
>I recall that quote well, but... I mean, how do you get people to
>agree to that?
>As I said, MegaZone is a supremely gifted diplomat, and Gryphon is an
>intergalactic hero of wide renown, but... well. All I can say is that
>if I were a policymaker in a star nation, and someone came and said
>"Hey, we're starting a pan-galactic law enforcement organization" I'd
>be very interested; but my interest would rapidly wane if it were
>followed up by "You will have no oversight or, indeed, formal input
>over this organization, but you'll also have to give it full authority
>to operate within your borders with law enforcement powers. Oh, and
>the IPO gets to decide how it interprets the law, not your own
>That's going to be a hard sell. People who have a personal
>relationship with Gryphon AND can exercise unilateral control over the
>levers of state (like Asriel) will be happy to sign on the dotted
>line. But... I mean, I have trouble seeing the same EA that was happy
>to pass the Psi Act also signing the Accords if they weren't going to
>have input or oversight into the IPO.
>But as I said, I've got no idea what's in those Accords.

I'd presume that the way it was sold was largely on some scenario similar to that which lead to the creation of the Lensmen in the original novels:

What do you do if someone commits a murder, takes a ride on a hypership and ends up gods only knows where outside the jurisdiction of your own police? What recourse do the Federation law enforcers have if someone commits a crime and goes to hide out in the Gamilon or Romulan Empire where they don't have an extradition treaty (and the Gamilons, Romulans, whatever may not even consider what was done to be criminal)?

Well now you can post the details to the IPO who, after due consideration*, will turn loose the Lensmen to find and if necessary apprehend your perp' and hand them over to your judicial system. Quite possibly over the howling protests (or armed resistance) of the local law enforcement if that law enforcement isn't a signatory.

Now granted many governments will find it frustrating that their PsiCops/Obsidian order/Gestapo-equivalent of choice cannot simply turn the IPO loose on some targets just because the neo-hippy-in-charge (look at his hair! the kilt!) happens for some reason to believe that being a non-enslaved psionic and saying nasty things about/to elected officials aren't crimes. However it still may be worth it for two reasons:

1. It's that many fewer murderers and rapists that you don't wind up having to deniably pay bounty hunters to go after, letting you focus your extra-legal efforts on those crimes the IPO won't chase.

2. If you are a signatory then presumably the IPO can and will just extradite foreign criminals legally from you, without them going in and snatching the perp**. Something that they're probably highly prone to.

* "Is there reasonable cause to believe that this guy should be put on trial for this crime?" "Is this actually a crime in our eyes?"

** Many governments would probably prefer to cut down the number of high-speed chases through their cities by their law enforcement in pursuit of Lensmen with abducted foreign criminals. It's very cinematic but also expensive.


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