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4. "RE: President Clark vs. the IPO"
In response to message #2
>Well now you can post the details to the IPO who, after due
>consideration*, will turn loose the Lensmen to find and if necessary
>apprehend your perp' and hand them over to your judicial system. Quite
>possibly over the howling protests (or armed resistance) of the local
>law enforcement if that law enforcement isn't a signatory.

Do the Lensman actually work that way in UF? I mean, that seems like a really great way to start a war. In fact, if I recall correctly the IPO makes a huge, big deal (publicly, at least) over not going where they aren't wanted; when the EA kicked them out they were like "Well, we hope you'll reconsider, but sure, we won't operate in Earth Alliance space anymore."

(That's an agreement honored more in the breach than in actual observance, granted, but it's not like the EA has precisely held up it's end of the bargain either.)

>2. If you are a signatory then presumably the IPO can and will just
>extradite foreign criminals legally from you, without them going in
>and snatching the perp**. Something that they're probably highly prone

I could just not be a very close reader, but it doesn't seem like habitually pissing off governments by openly committing acts of war is something the Lensmen DO a lot. Much like regular police, they seem like a very reactive organization.

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