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"(S15) S1M7 Reflections in Transition"
   LAST EDITED ON Apr-03-10 AT 12:49 PM (EDT)
9 I don't know who came up with the title, but given that the events of this movement take place on and around Babylon 5, it seems obvious in retrospect that it should have a title reminiscent of that show's episode titles to set the inital mood. PJM

That was, indeed, what I was going for there.

97 Hey, why not? She's cute, she might be willing, there's not a war on...

176 Aya refers to the uniforms seen in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

223 In Kris's original draft of this scene, Aya dragooned Utena into an impromptu duel in the docking bay. Her weapon of choice: a cricket bat. I decided to leave it out because it served no particular purpose other than to make Utena's day longer (Aya has superpowers, after all).

262 Aya's political insight isn't perfect, but in this case it's pretty good, as A Day of Infamy shows.

291 Aya's tolerance for alcohol is such that she has to keep some in her system at all times in order to have any hope at all of actually getting a buzz on when she wants one without having to spend hours drinking hard.

343 This is Jinto Lin Kirk, the junior member of Challenger's office staff. He's based on the character Jinto Lin from Crest of the Stars. The UF version is the son of WDF Admiral James T. Kirk and his wife Kanaia, a Salusian naval officer.

388 709's designation ("seven o' nine") is a slightly snarky nod to Jeri Ryan's character on Star Trek Voyager, Seven of Nine. (Why not "Seventh"? I've never understood that.)

396 Aztechnology is one of the several gigantic corporations set up as possible benefactors or threats to player characters in the Shadowrun game setting.

409 Calrissian's is owned by the famous Corellian gambler-entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, though he's a busy man and as such isn't usually in.

417 Minbari customarily sleep on inclined surfaces with their heads above their feet.

465 Theora Carter, née Jones, is one of the behind-the-scenes mainstays of Network 23. She met her husband, Network 23 news director Edison Carter, when he was still a field reporter and she was assigned to work as his reporter controller. In the Max Headroom: 20 Minutes Into the Future TV series, she was played by Amanda Pays (and Edison, of course, was portrayed by Matt Frewer).

478 Al is based on Rear Admiral Albert Calavicci, USN (Ret.), Dr. Sam Beckett's holographic partner on Quantum Leap. It occurred to Truss and me that Al's function on that show was rather similar to that of a reporter controller on Max Headroom: provide intel, serve as a link back to home base. We made the UF version an AI so that he could do the "I'm in the scene with Sam, but only Sam can see me" thing that was Al's trademark on Quantum Leap with Truss in UF.

554 As we will learn later, Delenn isn't really Mia's aunt, but rather the member of the Grey Council whose assistant Mia's late mother was.

636 I was a little disappointed that nobody caught the joke in the name of the alien musical instrument called a bak'rakh and dayyv'd. I guess there aren't many Burt Bacharach fans in the EPU reader base.

743 Typhon, as Kris envisioned him, was a former Colonial Warrior who burned out after one battle too many and "retired" to the non-military side of the Confederate Freespacer coin. A tough, by-the-book officer, he was a decorated hero in the Cylon Wars and used to be quite the dynamic figure, but too much war eventually broke him down into the martinet we see here. Rather a tragic figure, really.

776 Many of Mac's personality quirks can be attributed to the strange mix of military discipline, semi-pirate tradition, and mostly-hidden sentimentality with which he was raised. The nomadic Freespacers are a peculiar people, especially those belonging to later generations, and Cyrano McKenzie's inner conflicts about his heritage (he named his son after Harcourt Mudd but detests the mere idea that Mac might develop any reckless or otherwise unrespectable traits) have left their mark on Mac. Which is some pretty ambitious backstory for a guy whose original design spec was "the guy down the hall who doesn't talk much."

862 DuSaQ Hay'wI'nugh is Klingonese (Marc Okrand's tlhIngan Hol) for, roughly, "the Institute Duelists' Society". Kai is a word from John M. Ford's klingonaase that has a variety of meanings depending on context. It's used as an encouragement or valediction - "Long live the Duelists' Society!" might be an accurate translation here, but it can also mean "I am impressed with what you have just done" or "You are a person/group of persons worthy of my enduring respect." In the UF universe, Klingon society is kind of an amalgamation of the "canonical" Klingon culture seen on TV and Ford's rather more cerebral take on Klingons from his books. tlhIngan Hol, the language from the TV shows, is the primary language of the Empire; klingonaase is an older dialect dating from before the Klingons' colonial period, and today is only widely spoken on the Empire's second world, the first planet settled by expeditions from Qo'noS. (The name of that world - Klinzhai Prime - is also a Ford reference; it was his name for the Homeworld.) Most Klingonese speakers use a number of klingonaase "remnant words", as one finds Latin or Anglo-Saxon words cropping up in modern English sometimes; kai and its emphatic kai kassai are the most common.

895 Destroyers are considered prestigious commands for younger officers in the Gamilon Navy, despite their small size. Indeed, many Gamilon commanders believe that a destroyer command is the high point of an officer's career. This - along with the fact that, like its namesake, the K'tayyl-class destroyer is swift, agile, and brutally effective - explains why the name K'tayyl (Sword of Honor) would be given to a destroyer class rather than, say, a battleship class.

900 Among younger Starfleet officers such as Lieutenant Commander Ivanova here, this is known as "the Picard Maneuver".

919 A handlink, as seen on Babylon 5.

960 Lt. Reed, like Challenger comm officer Hoshi Sato, had an ancestor aboard the WDF's first Enterprise.

980 Here we see another B5/DS9 overlap. This one was an easy choice. I take nothing away from the performance of the late Richard Biggs - quite the opposite, in fact, since if he'd done a poor job I wouldn't care so strongly about it - but I always found Dr. Franklin far too hard to take to want to deal with him as a recurring character in my own work.

1010 This is a slightly more diplomatic version of Dr. Bashir's attitude in the Deep Space Nine series pilot, in which he is boorish enough to announce in front of Major Kira that, by serving aboard Starfleet's new station over Bajor, he will be doing what he's always wanted to do with his career: "Real frontier medicine!" Since Bajor is nowhere near any frontier in UF - it is, in fact, one of Earth's closest neighbors - that would be double nonsense here. He's quite right in his assessment of B5's potential, though.

1130 This has been building up in Rina for quite a while now.

1244 In more canon-faithful Star Trek settings, what we know in UF as the Iowa class is the Ambassador class, as seen in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise".

1258 For obvious reasons, it wouldn't make any sense for the UF version to be "-D".

1341 This was inspired by a General Foods International Coffees commercial, of all things. "What was that waiter's name?" "Jean-Luc!"

1426 When I was originally working on this scene, Truss and I were occasionally paralyzed with amusement by the mental image of Worf giving a guy in a black Psi Corps uniform his most withering, intimidating stare, then snatching one of Kate's stuffed tigers away from him in a ponderous "Thank you very much" manner.

1472 Anne Cross to me as I was working on this part of the story: "Kaitlyn isn't going to wear that same dress again, is she?" She went on to design Kate's new formal outfit.

1486 As on DS9, Elim Garak is much more than the simple tailor he claims to be. Fortunately, he's a very good tailor in spite of that.

1574 And that's why they call it the Picard Maneuver.

1609 I've always enjoyed this little scene. I feel I captured the personalities of the Enterprise command staff pretty well.

1625 The thread connecting the careers of Noonian Soong and Timothy Wayneright is an excellent example of the way things often dovetail together in the UF development process - often without much nudging from the creators.

1649 The wine-red color specially denotes Psi Corps personnel seconded to Starfleet. It's close, but not identical, to the maroon worn by command-grade Starfleet officers. The buttoned-down style of the Psi Corps uniform is an interesting contrast to the way Counselor Troi was often dressed on Star Trek: TNG.

1661 The conflation of Star Trek's Betazed with Lois McMaster Bujold's Beta Colony was Kris's suggestion (I haven't read the books Beta Colony is derived from, and in fact couldn't remember where that part of the mix came from until Phil reminded me).

1730 Complicated a bit further by the fact that Grey 17 is missing.

1756 I think this is the only time Ephram Broadbank has been seen - or, well, heard - on screen.

1919 We wanted this section to kick the reader in the gut - much more so than the scenes with a rather shell-shocked Liza in Hunted Rose - and really create some sympathy for poor Liza, done in by her own pettiness. The bit at the end was especially important - without it, this is just another scene of Liza being a defensive bitch. We wanted to make sure that if we were going to redeem Liza, we made it absolutely clear that she had nowhere to go but up - and she's not quite finished falling yet.

1951 Or maybe she's considering Wakaba for the Lens...

2067 I have never been able to look at the theme to Battlecruiser Vengeance quite the same since I realized, one day, that "Hand and weapon! Heart and power! / Cry it with the voice of Empire!" scans exactly the same as "Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder! / Fighting all who rob or plunder!"

2108 Rubicon's name both conforms to the canonical naming convention of the Danube-class runabouts on DS9 (which were all named after rivers) and makes reference to the fact that there's no turning back from the path the act of swiping the ship has set Janice on - the die is cast, as Julius Caesar said after crossing the Rubicon on his way to invade Rome in 49 BC.

2120 In the UF universe, the IP Yards developed an updated version of the Danube-class runabout. The first ship of the new class, IPS Kennebec, was named for a river in Maine. Most of the spaceframe in the Kennebec class is the same as the older Danube class's, making it possible to upgrade Danubes to the newer standard.

2130 "Clear skies" is a common valediction to someone who's going on a space flight; if both parties are spacebound when they part, the traditional rejoinder is "Clear skies and happy landings," or just "And happy landings."

2157 Saionji's habit of going walkabout was established in the original series, in which he would sometimes go camping in the Forest of Secrets just to get away from Ohtori Academy's general population for a while.

2191 Liza has almost reached bottom.

2233 Indeed, this very thing nearly happens to Captain Sheridan in the last episode of Babylon 5's second season, "The Fall of Night".

2289 Saionji is talking about Nanami Kiryuu, whose fate since Wakaba saw her in Ohtori Academy Spring Semester Blues he doesn't know yet. The last bit of his speech - "A day when nothing really changed, but she saw the world in a different light, so everything changed for her" - echoes the premise of historian James Burke's The Day the Universe Changed.

2291 The last paragraph of Liza's medical evaluation speculates that, without some combination of psychiatric counseling and training in the control of her psionic abilities, Liza may be driven insane by the unbalanced forces at work in her psyche.

2315 Indeed, Saionji would rather talk about almost anything other than what his long association with Touga eventually turned him into.

2363 There. Liza has now arrived at the bottom of the curve. Now she'll either collapse completely...

2364 ... or start back up.

2436 Hearkens back to the first time Utena asked Kaitlyn for her opinion of a "look", in Wounded Rose.

2471 Krontep and Zargh are from a never-produced set of FI side stories planned with Jer Johnson and the late Derek Bacon. The premise of those stories is explained to Utena by Krontep a bit further down - the adventures of the WDF's most oddball ship, the Tom Servo (MST-3000) - captained by Derek, crewed by executive officer Jer, a group of wacky Klingons... and Zargh, the crew's only old-line Klingon warrior, who always watched the proceedings with a stiff Sam the Eagle disapproval and whose signature line was, "I don't get it."

2480 Old-timey Star Trek fans may recognize Jaime Finney as the daughter of Ben Finney, the Starfleet officer who faked his own death in order to frame Captain Kirk for murder in "Court Martial". The UF version was inspired by the older version of the character who appeared in the Star Trek graphic novel Debt of Honor; in that, young Finney has grown up to be a tough, capable Starfleet officer in her own right, holding her own in the competitive environment of a Klingon warship that the Enterprise teams up with for the adventure. UF-Jamie came from the Split Infinitive universe with the rest of USS Invincible's crew in Secrets, and served as Gryphon's chief of security and weapons officer aboard WDF Concordia until he retired from the WDF to start the IPO. At that point, looking for new challenges, she transferred to the Servo, where she eventually married Krontep and followed him back to the Empire at the conclusion of the Servo's tour.

2580 The Tom Servo's partner in most of its unwritten adventures was WDF Pennsylvania, an Iowa-class battleship commanded by John Trussell. The Pennsylvania had a slight problem with its climate control system, which may have had something to do with the fact that the ship had a Junkion chief engineer. It was always cold - cold enough to require field coats and heated boots - on the bridge... hence the sign, to be found along the side of the road throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

2593 Family name prefixes for UF's Klingons are an amalgamation of several different styles gleaned from different sources and embellished. The style in which Utena is addressed is an extrapolation from the forms of address in Ford's The Final Reflection. sutai- is a prefix indicating that the speaker does not know the exact family status of the person he is addressing, but presumes that she is a prominent member of the family. If he knew for a fact that she was the head of her house, he could call her vestai-Tenjou. Krontep's last name, vathKesek, similarly indicates that he is the head of House Kesek; that form, which I made up myself in the absence of reference materials many years ago, is in UF the fashion of Krontep's homeworld, Klinzhai Prime. Other UF Klingons do not use their house names as personal names, but only announce themselves as, for instance, "Worf, son of Mogh".

2615 epetai- is the highest honorific in that particular system of prefixes, denoting the head of an especially prominent and influential house.

2634 joH'wI': "my lord". Commonly used by Klingon soldiers to convey extra respect to a favored superior, who, with the exception of members of noble families, technically need only be addressed as qaH ("sir").

2652 A translation of the ship's Klingon name, hoSghaj. "Mighty" also works.

2729 (At least she will be if Anthy gives her a shove at the right moment.)

2737 Approximately 300 years.

2751 Knighthood seems to be something of a refrain in Corwin's life, whether he goes looking for it or not.

2785 Fuu's first speaking role, and the first time we fully see one of the future Rune Knights on screen.

2817 It's actually supposed to be green; Fontainbleu Academy's uniform is blue.

2845 I think this is the first reference to the IPO's network of stargates.

2854 No one will believe it now, but UF's stargates were intended to be relics of ancient Atlantis years before there was a spinoff called Stargate Atlantis. Not that it matters, I suppose, since later developments in the history of Atlantis mean that the original plan is moot: the gates have nothing to do with that defunct space empire.

2919 Tell me something I don't know, thinks Kate.

2949 Redemption and transformation are recurring themes in the Symphony, possibly because so much of the source material it's based on is preoccupied with things like predestination, futility, and the absolute nature of fate.

2985 But we'll find out what happened to them in the next story.

3045 Utena never has defeated Kate on screen. Whether that's because Kate's actually a little bit better, or just because Utena is never quite able to make herself give a duel with Kate everything she has, is an open question.

3075 Juri was basically just phoning it in for her second canonical duel with Utena, and still nearly annihilated her before deciding that she didn't want to win the tournament.

3114 Stick is based on the staff wielded by the Expert of Justice named Yoshi in Giant Robo: The Night the Earth Stood Still. Later - after Corwin's Trial - the wood turns black and the runes red.

3174 Also spelled daqtagh.

3219 SuvwI': Worf not only employs the emphatic form of kai, he addresses Kaitlyn as "warrior". All in all, a statement of the highest respect.

3236 A slightly less radical variant on a mek'leth.

3320 This is my favorite moment in this entire trial - not the moment at which Kaitlyn transcends her body's limitations and, fueled by her ki and the Force, triumphs, but rather the moment at which she manages, through skill and supple grace, to win despite the fact that her strength has all but deserted her.

3443 Kaitlyn cannot believe Juri fell for that. (Admittedly, it's possible she fell for it on purpose.)

3541 qeSadI'ya': quesadilla.

3615 The kellicam is a Klingon unit of distance. I'm not sure how far it is. Fannish math found at the Memory Alpha wiki says something on the order of two kilometers, whatever that is in real units.

3620 One of pop idol Lynn Minmei's hit songs in Super Space Fortress Macross.

3663 Originally charted by Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers in 1954. Something of a Juri theme:

Why do birds sing so gay
And lovers await the break of day?
Why do they fall in love?
Why does the rain fall from up above?
Why do fools fall in love?
Why do they fall in love?
Why does my heart skip a crazy beat?
For I know it will face defeat
Tell me why, tell me why
Why do fools fall in love?

3679 Fried taqitos at the Foster's Freeze next to the laundromat on University Ave. in Berkeley used to be a staple of laundry day for Zoner and me when we lived out there.

3781 Jeraddo was featured in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Progress", in which it was basically destroyed to serve as a source of free energy for the Bajoran provisional government. We spared it that tragic fate and made it the home of what would become the Midgard branch of the Order of the Rose, ensuring it a prominent place in galactic history.

3813 Prylar Otano's given name, Lompoc, is the name of a town in California.

3836 Indeed, the Cardassians were only fully dislodged from Bajor in 2399, when the Babylon Foundation chose the Epsilon Eridani system as the location for Babylon Station, gained territorial rights from the Earth Alliance (which hadn't bothered to do more than bluster at the Cardassians about their continued presence there), and contracted with the WDF to expel the occupiers.

3847 Gryphon and Major Kira have been friends (not in that way, alas) since an unpublished adventure set a few months before this story.

3870 For those of you who haven't read the Core, Deedlit Satori was a Royal Salusian Navy aviator who joined the RSN's detachment to the Wedge Defense Force during the Golden Age. She married ReRob Mandeville, one of the WDF founders, in the 21st century and was killed during the Second Battle of Zeta Cygni in 2388. She came from a prominent Salusian military family. Satori is the Zen Buddhist term meaning (very roughly) "enlightenment"; Deedlit is the name of a character from Record of Lodoss War, but Deedlit Satori was not intended to be an import of that character; they merely share a name.

3890 Reference to the Elder Days at WPI, when it seemed as if the place would never get a decent student center. One was eventually built in the late '90s, but since UF-Worcester is a historic replica, the WPI campus could never have one, because that would have altered the campus from its 1992 appearance.

3927 Actually, it's both; as Mia will determine in the Second Symphony, it's an Atlantean-era Jedi outpost.

3937 More evidence of Utena's developing Force sensitivity.

3958 Utena and Kaitlyn paraphrase one of the stock exchanges between the Brain and Pinky on Animaniacs.

4121 Everything Sky tells Liza about t'skrang culture in this sequence is gleaned from Earthdawn source materials, largely by the intrepid t'skrang research team of Anne Cross and Eric Reuss.

4158 As previously noted, t'skrang society is matriarchal; Sky supposes the male crew members (if not the officers) of any t'skrang ship Liza may find herself on will tend to instinctively defer to her, at least a little, because she's female.

4159 Shustal: essentially, "'Nuff said!"

4245 Admission to the Vulcan Science Academy is insanely competitive for non-Vulcans - more so than Mac's "hundred offworld slots" might indicate, since the academy considers ethnic Vulcans from the colonies "offworlders" for purposes of admissions eligibility. The prestigious nature of a VSA degree for a non-Vulcan is also alluded to in the CSI New Avalon series; it's where Sara Sidle, a Salusian, did her graduate studies.

4266 As it turns out, he'd have been better off borrowing that Predator-class scoutship he speculates about. Surely Kei would've loaned him the Lovely Angel.

4395 Another little Babylon 5 reference: the Great Maker is the Centauri creator deity, whose title is often taken in vain by Ambassador Londo Mollari.

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